The X Factor UK Season 11 Tayang Mulai 31 September

qsqsrcDi Amerika Serikat, talent show The X Factor UK akan tayang di stasiun televisi AXS TV. Mulai 31 Agustus nanti, warga Amerika akan bisa menyaksikan The X Factor UK Season 11 dengan total 34 episode. “The X Factor U.K. is our flagship production and the world leader in entertainment formats. The show’s production values are unmatched and it has created enormous buzz across the U.S. social media over the last few years. This is the first time we are bringing the U.K. series to a U.S. broadcaster. We are excited that fans of The X Factor will be able to follow the development of these future stars on AXS TV,” ujar kepala bidang internasional Syco Entertainment, George Levendis. Tayangan ini akan mengisi kekosongan The X Factor setelah dihentikan seri Amerikanya hanya sampai season 3. (CreativeDisc)