Alif Satar – Nona Jakarta

Alif SatarAlif Satar is back with his 3nd studio album “Definisi”under Sony Music.
The album consists of 8 tracks – produced by Panji, Azlan Abu Hassan, Alfa Booty, Zimi, Aylwin Santiago and Nai Kong.

Panji wrote 3 songs – Gadis Tiga Bulan, Nona Jakarta and Setiap Hari.
Azlan Abu Hassan contribute 2 songs – Kerna Dia and Kesempatan Kedua.
1st single “Akhiri Penantianku” written and produced by Zimi. This song tells about a love between two hearts. One of them have to go away and shall come back to finish the final part of their love story.

Definisi is all about Alif Satar growing up from a teenager to a man. Expression of Alif Satar direction in music and life.